Henry Danger Crime Warp

An endless runner style video game made in Unity at Snowed In Studios. Implemented design tools, character movement, input handling, integrating art assets and achievements.



A simple C++ reflection library to allow introspection of fields and methods with additional metadata.


A simple C single header profiling library for creating a chrome://tracing supported file.


A retro GO game for the NES implemented in 6502 along with an instant mode GUI sprite editor implemented in Vulkan.

Shadertoy — Procedural Fragment Shaders

A series of fragment shader demos in the webgl sandbox ShaderToy. Some work in progress and completed shaders can be found there.

Unity – Proxy Soldier

A networked first person shooter that uses VOIP as a gameplay mechanic. I developed the networking, graphics and some of the gameplay mechanics such as player movement, game progression and UI.