Archived, I’ve grown past this blog post, but it remains for historical reasons


Hey guys,

I believe I should introduce myself. I’m Alex, currently a software developer at Snowed In Studios based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This is the first of many posts detailing the development of a fighting game core entitled Butter. Developed in Unity, I’ll be mostly talking about the software design decisions and the reasons I make those decisions along the way. Butter is publicly available at for those interested in following the development of the core day by day.

As stated before, I am employed full time at Snowed In Studios thus I will not be able to develop Butter at a regular rate and I will attempt to have at least weekly updates to the code base.

More About Butter

Butter is a framework to allow quick development of Street Fighter-like games in Unity. It is first and foremost the core development environment for a personal project code-named (Oooo! Very secret 😮 ) ButtMunch, a fighting game centered around Butts fighting each other (Yes, Butts…). Butter aims to employ design principles such as Simplicity, Test-ability, Thought out abstractions and clean code.

Future posts will detail the development of the framework as it progresses.

Keep on keeping on!